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TOPIC atoz
Economics 282
Social Sciences 201
Economics in general 166
Theories and methods in social sciences 115
Methods of the social sciences 104
Law. Jurisprudence 102
Public administration 87
Law in general 84
Politics 81
Particular activities of public administration 76
Education 68
Forms of political organization. States as political power 64
Organization of educational and training system. School organization 34
Social Welfare 30
Economic situation. Trade cycle. Development of economic structure. Growth 28
Finance 24
Trade. Commerce. International economic relations. World economy 24
Social welfare 23
Education and training out of school. Further education 19
Labour. Employment. Work. Labour economics. Organization of labour 14
International law 13
International relations. World, global politics. International affairs. Foreign policy 10
Social Sciences (Economics) 9
Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools 7
genealogy 7
Forms of organization and cooperation in economy 6
Social Sciences Economics 5
Sociography. Descriptive studies of society (both qualitative and quantitative 5
Insurance. Communal provision through sharing of risk 4
Accommodation desires and their fulfilment. Safeguarding accommodation 3
Parliaments. Representation of the people 3
Regional economics. Territorial economics. Land economics. Housing economics 3
Social Sciences (Law) 3
Army service in generally. Infantry. Foot soldiers 2
Gender studies. Sex role. Gender. Persons from an interdisciplinary viewpoint 2
Higher education. Universities. Academic study 2
Kinds of school providing general education 2
Middle level of administration. Regional, provincial government. Regional authority 2
Social Sciences ( Law) 2
Social Sciences ( Political Science) 2
Social Sciences (Sociology) 2
Social Sciences economics 2
Social Sciences(Economics) 2
Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force law 2
Specialized instruction. Vocational, technical, professional training. Vocational colleges, institutes. Polytechnics 2
Civil law 1
Demography. Statistics. Sociology 1
Ethnography. Customs. Manners Traditions. Way of life. Folklore 1
General organization of statistics. Official statistics 1
Home affairs. Internal policy 1
Individualism 1
Lowest level of administration. Local government. Municipal administration. Local authority 1
Naval forces. Millitary fleet. Navy: personel, organization 1
Now Select This One 1
Power (Social sciences) 1
Public law. Constitutional law. Administrative law 1
Public life. Pageantry. Social life. Life of the people. Including: Everyday life. Court life. Street life 1
Social Sciences ( Economics) 1
Social Sciences (Administration) 1
Social Sciences (Economics 1
Social Sciences (Politics) 1
Social Sciences (Politics). 1
Social Sciences (Polytics) 1
Social Sciences (economics 1
Social Sciences (economics) 1
Social Sciences (sociology) 1
Social Sciences - Politics 1
Social Sciences Politics 1
Social Sciences administration 1
Social Sciences economic 1
Social Sciences law 1
Social Sciences sociology 1
Social Sciences(Comerce) 1
Social Sciences(Economic) 1
Social Sciences(International) 1
Social Sciences(Law) 1
Social Sciences(Politics) 1
Social Sciences(comerce) 1
Social Sciences-Law 1
Social Sciences-law 1
Social questions. Social practice. Cultural practice. Way of life 1
Social-Sciences (Economics) 1
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